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In some cases, when sales management teams use more than one sales process, customers are to same point confused by the different methods of every firm and probably cross selling is limited Neely, Factors to consider when designing, or redesigning, a formal sales process and to make recommendations to the owners of an Malaysian small and medium enterprises essay Traditionally, the sales departments have operated informally, with each sales person acting in their distinct ways that in most cases are non-documented, personally derived and non-measured.

In order to strengthen the SMEsa number of programs and facilities are provided to enhancetheir performance and competitiveness. In Malaysia SMEs operating inthe manufacturing sector are mainly involved in activities suchas processing and production of raw materials, for instance,textiles, food, beverages, wood, rubber, petroleum and theassembling and manufacturing of electrical and electronicsappliance, etc.

Among the three mentioned types of selling processes, in terms of rethinking the sells process, researchers endorse their use to fit any situation on the ground.

According to TAS Group,the major focus to enhance the organization performance and competitive advantage is simply ensuring effective alignment; implementation and renewal of sales process faster and efficiently than other competitors.

The buying and selling process are mirror images of each other. Regarding behavior, Covey talks about responsibility and accountability which is a critical area of any sales process, be it formal or not. So, monetary policy plays a crucial role in the development and organization of SMEs.

The sales task within a business is accountable for the vital creation of revenues, delivers financial stimuli and forms the fundamental connection between a business and its customers McClay, ; Moncrieff and Marshall Buying process may vary in time based on the type of product or services a customer want to purchase.

Nevertheless, the author affirms that only a few organizations consider and ensure effective implementation of a well established and organized formal sales process. Harvard Business School Publishing. The author adds that it is difficult improve organization performance if there are no mechanisms of measuring the current performance.

Without doubts, this implies that effective of formal sales process implementation in a SME is a strategy of enhancing the performance or the company Rackman and DeVincentis, In this case, an organization which effectively implements sales process is likely to have improved performance.

Universally, every business is inimitable, hence it should have exceptional sales process to sell service and manage different customers under diverse conditions Kotter, Designing of formal sale process is a complex and critical undertaking that requires careful scrutiny and a logical examination in its development since it is core in the success of a business Rickman and DeVincentis, In addition, the relationship helps the organization to work harder to ensure maximum satisfaction of the customers need and concerns through addressing various challenges facing the process and discovering opportunities that may arise.

This is through studying and examining their lifestyles, culture and believes and the consumption behavior Tas Group, Additionally, formal sales processes enable sales managers learn how to replicate good behaviors and eliminate undesirable ones besides recognizing problems before they turn to be major roadblocks Lii, Dismantling the Sales Machine.

According to Kaplan and Norton,sellers should be keen during sales process to ensure they do not omit any step or in other words ensure every buying process step correspond with a particular selling process step. Moreover, the role of SMEs in job creation is also veryimportant and vital.

Businesses established in favourable environments where mortality rates are low tend to grow and prosper over time. Majorly, emphasizing on the competence of sales and marketing staff to ensure the easy and efficient implementation of developed marketing strategies at all level of business operations.

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More specifically, a formal sales process enables sales managers maintain control over specific sales behaviors as dictated by the system adopted in Small and Medium Enterprise SMEs.

The formal redesign will be there fore necessary in as a way of reinforcing new ways of behavior. According to Neelyamong the best sales processes or approaches are the problems solving models, needs satisfaction and consultative selling.

Consequently, firms globally are investing millions of money in technological advancement in the sales sector to help improve their sales performance.

However, the role of SMEsoperating in the manufacturing sector is relatively moreimportant in the Malaysian economy. Elmo Lewis in For example the less experienced low level manager spend most time in staffing, monitoring and giving directives to salespersons.

Moreover, the owners should institute programs aimed at motivating the workers. In response to these forces, small and medium size enterprises need to plan, implement and control their personal contacts programs in order to achieve sales and profit motives of the firms.

Essentially, a real weakness of the informal sales process in the verge of the Small and Medium Enterprises SMEs is on how to evaluate and ultimately reward the sales personnel. Marketing Management and Strategy. So, an equitable and efficient judicialsystem is essential for SME growth.

Under the new definitions, Najib said micro enterprises are firms with annual sales of less than RM, or fewer than five workers. Sales Process Optimisation and the Enterprise. However, these policies are not effective in the long run and do not meet the expectations of the businesses.Washington, DC July 5, —Ninety-seven percent of business establishments in Malaysia are small and medium enterprises (SMEs).These businesses are responsible for nearly 36% of the country’s GDP, 65% of the country’s employment, and nearly 18% of Malaysia’s exports.

Small or medium-sized enterprise (SME), of which definition varies in different countries and different economic development levels, normally is known as relatively small business unit in terms of employees, capital and operations scale in compared with large enterprises in the same industry.

In a knowledge based economy the role of small and medium enterprises is very critical for the of the SMEs in a knowledge-based economy.

In addition, this study also explores the challenges which are facing the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Malaysia. The significance of the study will the Malaysian government has. Definitions for Small and Medium Enterprises in Malaysia 5 A medium enterprise in manufacturing (including agro-based) and MRS is an enterprise with full-time employees of between 51 and or with.

Formal Sales Process in Small and Medium Size Enterprise (SME) Essay

Malaysian Small and Medium Enterprises Essay - SMALL and medium enterprises (SMEs) are broadly defined as manufacturing, manufacturing-related services (MRS) and agro-based industries that employ around full-time employees or have an annual sales turnover of not more than RM50mil (Chermaine, ).

Private enterprises are grouped into three main categories- large-scale, medium-scale and small-scale enterprises. For this study, small and medium scale enterprises shall be the focus. Small and medium enterprises account for .

Malaysian small and medium enterprises essay
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