Conclusion on whether science is a boon or bane

Feb 6, I think that science is a boon and bane both for human lives.

Is Scientific Advancement a Boon or Bane

There is a saying, 'there used to live a wise man between the two mountains'. Mobile, TV, cooler AC, computer. A small country like japan has succeeded to acquire this prestige because of its advancements and applications of technology at a high level.

Man feels more safe, secure, comfortable and important. A new form of slavery—the subjugation of the factory and mill-workers to the capitalist—raised its ugly head. It is stepping stone for the development of the world.

Railway, car, aeroplane, bicycle its all are the result of science. Science touches all of us and our life at every step, as a big boon and blessing. Without science, we don't know about our world. I mean every things is depend on ourselves. As long as we use it properly we can make our lives better using science.

The biological and chemical weapons are still more destructive. The boons and blessings of science assure us further strengthening of human equality, fraternity and liberty.

Science is a Boon Or Bane Essay

At the end of the last world war, many of the scientists were taken away by the victorious countries for developing their own biological and chemical war weapons. He does not want long-range artillery, atom bombs.

599 words essay on Science Boon or Bane

Jan 11, Science is a bane and boon also because it gives offers to uplift the human kind and is aspects also. How to cite this page Choose cite format: It is only due to science that we stand where we are today. Science is like a sharp sword which can be used for either defending yourself against the enemy or cutting your own throat.

Though cures are being invented diseases are multiplying too. C s and cinemas which entertain us are the products of science. Because no invention is made for the bad of mankind. The quality of life and standard of living, in various underdeveloped and developing counties, have improved and the countries are likely to be upgraded further.

They have the added advantage, as the source of attack can remain hidden and unidentified to a great extent. It has helped us to conquer space and time. Science has made medical field enough advanced that today the average life of a human being has raised to 90 years.

Because there is 1 disadvantage behind advantages. Though cures are being invented diseases are multiplying too. Machine guns, shells, submarines, the atom and hydrogen bombs can destroy the world in the twinkling of an eye.

Science: a boon or bane

It is man who is ultimately responsible for turning science into a curse instead a blessing. But let us hope that ultimately sanity prevails and science is used more and more for the benefit of mankind. Man has invented wonderful machines to make life more comfortable. Yeah, science is definitely a boon.

So at first we need to restrict our greedy thoughts which may lead to destruction of our planet. This leads to man's mindset may be changed.

May 19, Science is a boon or bane, Science is very important in our life. The radar of blameworthiness, in my opinion, should never fall on science.

Short Essay – “Is Science Boon or Bane”

Hence I can state indubitably that science is a great boon for humankind, but when it is misused it can prove to be the most worst of banes.

Nowadays medical science is developing very well and this result is showing decreased in mortality. Today these technologies have mitigated their time and today it is giving NASA a great competition or said in Hindi 'takkar'. Atomic energy, for instance, can perform as great constructive miracles as the havoc by its bombs.

Science, originally intended to conquer and harness the forces of nature for the good of man, is looked upon by some as the chief cause of the suffering of humanity today. By science, new facts are being known to the world.Essay on science is a boon or a bane.

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It is upon us. Science is a boon. It is upon us whether to use it in the form of a bane or use it as a boon. For eg- Atomic research. Atomic research can be used to generate nuclear power but countries can use it to make atomic bombs to.

SCIENCE A BOON OR BANE FOR THE SOCIETY Humans incessantly explore experiment, create, and examine the world. This urge to know more and explore the unexplored has given birth to. Because of all these things science is like a boon to mankind. But it is humans irrational thoughts turn the gifts of science into banes.

It is said that science is a good servant but a bad master. The conclusion is Science has boon and bane. but in the other side it also cause damages and diseases. The nuclear leakage along with the radioactive particles affect the people in Japan and most likely they would die.

This turns science into a bane. It is man who is ultimately responsible for turning science into a curse instead a blessing.

599 words essay on Science Boon or Bane

By itself science can be said to be a blessing, boon or bonanza; the bane and cures are brought about by our wrong orientation and priorities.

Conclusion on whether science is a boon or bane
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