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The assessment criteria for a pass grade describe the level of achievement required to pass this unit. This is for guidance and it is recommended that centres either write their own assignments or adapt any Edexcel assignments to meet local needs and resources.

For P4, learners will need to understand competitive factors in the retailing environment that drive change in the industry. Learners need to understand how systems are configured and tested to meet the needs of users or customers before the handover.

The percentage contribution to the gross domestic product What are the current trends in retail sales? To achieve a distinction grade the evidence must show that, in addition to the pass and merit criteria, the learner is able to: The suggested assessment of this unit is through the four assignments summarised in the Programme of suggested assignments table.

It identifies opportunities for learners to demonstrate effective application of the referenced elements of the skills. Learners should be able to recognise a process as a collection of procedures. However majority of businesses run 24 hours 7 days a week so it can be quite difficult to resolve.

Unit 29 Understanding Retailing - P1 M1

This unit has particular links with the following unit titles in the IT suite: Incompatibility Issues When installing software on to a computer you should always double check if the computer and the software is compatible with one another.

You can also backup your data and software in different locations just incase if this gets lost from a specific place. Key factors and their significance are depend partly on the industry sector: M1 compare the function of formats and locations in retailing For M1, learners must move on from accurately describing different types of retailer, to explaining their purpose and the rationale for their location.

To achieve a pass grade, learners must meet the six pass criteria listed in the assessment and grading criteria grid. Economic trends will impact on consumer spending and have an industry-wide effect; learners should explain that some retailers may be better able to withstand recessions and take advantage of growth opportunities.

Tutors should give learners hands-on experience of as many installations and upgrades on as diverse a variety of target systems as centre resources allow. Innovative products and services should be identified in one retailer and learners should explain the role of these products and services in creating a dynamic industry.

Tutors should ensure that the configuration of software is a meaningful exercise and that changes are not being made purely for the sake of it, otherwise learners will fail to contextualise the procedure within the IT workplace. Installing and Upgrading Software Guided learning hours: This may mean that only a few stand-alone machines are available for installation and configuration purposes, in this case use group work as much as possible whilst ensuring that individual learners are monitored.

D2 When it comes to risks to an organisation whilst they are upgrading they need to be aware of these and this can affect the organisation in several different ways such as, system going down, losing profit, losing orders.

To compare means to emphasise the similarities and differences. Describe the employment characteristics of the sector High street retailers, winners and losers! This unit gives learners the opportunity to install and upgrade software on systems.

To do this they must follow processes which have been agreed by an organisation to ensure a thorough and effective installation is performed. The food and clothing sectors provide good examples of different product requirements.

These are destination, rather than convenience stores, that provide extensive product choice and services. M3 and M4 require learners to produce procedures which should be robust and realistic.

Learners will provide a formal justification of a new installation and upgrade based on a set system and user requirements. In comparing the different formats, learners should identify why retailers prefer different locations and explain the retail functions they perform.

Risk Reduction It is important to identify the risks involved with any installation or upgrade and to have risk reduction measures in place. They should think creatively about new service solutions that can realistically evolve from current practices.

Unit 29 P2/D2- Potential Risks Of Installing Or Upgrading Software

So for a company to be on the safe side they should keep several backups just in case if anything does happen or the data becomes corrupt. Understand how to prepare for a software installation or upgrade.

Skill Independent enquirers Self-managers When learners are If the installation damages the existing data and software then they will be able to replace it from the backup. Learners will benefit from installing as many different types of software as can be made available to them.

P5 has similar evidence requirements to P4, except that the activity for this criterion is to upgrade rather than fresh install software. For M1, learners' evidence may link to P3 and could be presented as a report, presentation or web page.

The role of software in controlling devices and systems needs to be understood, along with where the software is held and how it can be upgraded. Installing At Low Risk Times: Unit introduction Virtually all modern systems and devices rely on a combination of hardware and software in order to work.

Installing Computer Software Level 3 Unit Unit 29 understanding retailing 1. As a business specialist consultant we have been given a role to find out about the retailing industry and the structure surrounding it. UNIT 29 P3 - Plan an installation and an upgrade P3 - Plan an installation and an upgrade When you’re planning an installation for a business or cooperation you would need to plan how you’re going to go about installing the software and when the best time would be to install.

2. Plan an installation and an upgrade; UNIT 29 - P2. Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Nationals specification in Information Technology P2 describe the potential risks of installing or upgrading software [EP1] M2 explain the requirements in preparing for a software group exercise – business simulation, bank customers losing service.

BTEC L3 Ext Dip In Business Unit 2 – Task 1 – P2 Introduction For 37 years, Ralph Lauren's reputation and distinctive image have been consistently developed across an expanding number of products, brands and international markets.

The organization is a leader in the design, marketing and distribution of premium lifestyle products in three.

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Btec business unit29 p2
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